Electro-Light, a company based in Scotland, United Kingdom produce quality electronic cigarettes or ecigs as they are popularly known and we have helped thousands of people switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping ecigs. Ecigs have evolved from an alternative smoking product to a new craze of Vaping. Using larger batteries or MOD’s people are enjoying a sensation like no other producing clouds with fantastic aromas to the envy of all their friends, cloud chasing is a safe hobby to participate in and keeps many young people 18+ away from cigarettes


Eliquids, ejuice, vape juice or oil, whatever you choose to call it comes in hundreds of different flavours made with the finest products from around the world producing a vapor with a very pleasant aroma. The varying nicotine levels within the eliquids ensure everyone can find the perfect combination of taste and nicotine level to smoke in their ecig.


Ecigs have been proven to help users in many different ways, financially, socially and through health improvements, and Electro-light as a company, are happy to have contributed to these benefits.


With stores throughout Scotland we are fast becoming a market leader in the ecig industry ensuring every customer finds the right combination of ecig kit, eliquid flavour and nicotine strength to help them switch from smoking harmful cigarettes and start enjoying the vaping experience.


We offer warranty on our products and have a fantastic customer service record, why not pop into a store or browse our products online and enjoy 10% off your first online order.


Electro-light is one of the best suppliers of electronic cigarettes, or ecigs as they are sometimes known on the market. We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our eliquids, with flavours from around the world producing the finest aromas and sold only in our stores and website. Varying nicotine strengths and over 30 premium flavours containing no harmful chemicals are available allowing you the opportunity to find the perfect combination for your ecig. Our 3rd Party Liquids come only from reputable manufacturers and some are as high as 90VG/10PG.

Teaming up our ecig kits with our eliquids will give the perfect vaping experience for any ex-smoker and ensure continued success in vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking.

Our products are available to purchase from this website and we offer a great quality service and speedy delivery. Why not browse our products and purchase one of our starter packs, it could be the start of a brand new you!


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