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Looking for the best vape shop online in the UK? Electro-Light is an Ayrshire based premium E-Cig and E-Liquid business supplying a selection of to the UK. Whether you are online today searching for a new E-cig model, or replacement components like atomizers or coils, the premium selection we offer are top grade, and some of the best quality you will come across in the UK market. That guaranteed level of quality is what has earned us our glowing local reputation, with a loyal base of customers that return to us time and time again. 

Our Product Quality: At Electro-Light, we take pride in what we do. That’s why our e-cigarette and e-liquid products are manufactured to the highest, premium quality. We strive to be the best vape shop online in the UK!

Our Service Quality: Electro-Light’s helpful team is on hand to answer your queries. Simply get in touch via email or phone and we are happy to help!

Premium E-Liquid Flavours

Electro-Light is passionate about supplying premium e-cig liquids in bold, vibrant flavours that boost your vaping experience. Our e-liquid deals – 4 for £10! – are competitive and perfect for getting a selection of nicotine strengths and flavours ready for your E-cig. If you are an ex smoker, vaping is an excellent way to transition away from it, and onto a less harmful smoking experience. With around 30 premium flavours and mixes to choose from, take your time and see what takes your fancy. The fun part is trying out different flavours and seeing which ones you’ll want to rebuy.

E-Cig Starter Kit Deals

Whether you have been using E-cigs for a while now, or are looking to start out, we have a range of premium E-cig starter kits to get you going. Our e-cig starter kits offer a range of different devices in a variety of aesthetics and colour schemes. Making your specific choice to start off with means your device feels like yours and suits your personality and style. Browse the range of e-cig and e-liquid starter kit deals and get your vaping journey going!

E-Cig Batteries & Battery Replacements

Making sure you are stocked up with batteries and battery replacements is key to making sure you never run out of juice. Nothing worse than not having your e-cig ready when you want it! Electro-Light are happy to help you with our range of e-cig batteries and chargers to keep your vaping consistent all day round.

E-Cig & E-Liquid Atomizers

The e-cig coils and atomizer tanks are essential to a smooth, well running e-cig. The Electro-Light premium e-cig and e-liquid coils are available to buy today to make sure the rest of your hardware is complete and ready to go. Do you want to change up your flavour and try something different? Our atomizer tanks are easy to clean out and switch over e-liquid flavours and coils.

Premium E-Cig Mods Parts

Mods for your E-cigs are the exciting part! So if you’re looking around for somewhere that offers mod kits you can buy today so you can make your E-cig your own, simply visit our mod page on Electro-Light UK. From the Coolfire Kits, to the SMOK kits, our e-cig mod brands are some of the best you’ll find in the UK. Shop now to modify your e-cig!

Premium E-Cig, E-Liquid Necklaces & Holders

If you are online today in the UK hunting for premium E-Cig & E-Liquid Necklaces & Holders, you have made it to the best place. Our sleek, high quality necklaces are produced to make the perfect addition to your E-cig, making them more portable and easier for on the go, to keep close at hand.

Love the look of our range of e-cig and e-liquid products? Shop today! Reach out if you have any questions! We’re happy to help.


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