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Grape 10ml

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Grape Flavour 10ml is a classic amongst e-liquids and a pretty common choice for users who prefer refreshing yet sweet aroma of fresh fruit. It has a mild throat hit and leaves an aftertaste that is both refreshing and sweet. The first impression of crisp fruit is quickly substituted with a warming and sweet effects and that contrast is absolutely irresistible for many vapers.

Available in 18mg and 12mg nicotine content.

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Grape Flavour 10ml Flavour is arguably one of the most popular e-liquids in the world. It is equally suitable for smokers and non-smokers as it has a very rich refreshing flavour with great hit on the throat and perfect aftertaste in the mouth.

It also contains a sufficient level of nicotine to satisfy moderate smokers. It produces very rich and dense vapour that provides almost a genuine smoking experience and its aroma is simply unbeatable.

Leaves you with a fresh taste in your mouth.

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